I'm an American writer living and working in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York in the U.S.A..

I write books, magazine articles, essays, scholarly work, and have also had other works published such as reference books and children's books. In 2012, I was awarded a Fellowship from the New York State Council on the Arts for my poetry. Since 2009, I've written thousands of articles online for a large website on the Internet. I am fortunate to be able to do work I love!

On this site, you'll find more information about my work and a little bit about me. Check out the tabs for connections to other pages of mine on the web.

I hope you find what you're looking for; if not, please feel free to send me an email. You'll find a link under "Contact."

Thank you for visiting!


In the last several years, my dominating interest in writing subjects has turned to the area of motor sports. I research and write about racing history, historic/vintage motor racing, and Formula 1. Online, I also write about other subjects related to the sport.

I have been fortunate to be credentialed by the FIA to write about Formula 1 races trackside; by NASCAR to write about that series at races; and by various historic/vintage organizations such as the Goodwood Estate in the U.K., to write about their events live and in person. I also write about Indy Car and other topics related to the sport -- news and/or features.

Currently, I have a racing book under contract and others in the works. With my background in literature, I might not appear to be a likely candidate to write about motor sport, but I have found that sometimes writing subjects "choose" you through circumstances, people, or by other means more mysterious. As a writer, I have found that it is usually wise to go where your passions lead -- and trust the creative process!


My training and early and long interests have been in creative writing and American and British literature. Consequently, several of my published books, articles, and essays -- as well as my academic research and presentations (I have a Ph.D. in English and occasionally teach as a Visiting Professor) -- have been in subjects related to these areas.


Currently, I am working on a racing book under contract with more coming down the pipeline. As mentioned above, I also write regularly about motor sport for a large website on the Internet. Work on literature-related books continues, too. A busy and creative time!


Thank you again for visiting my website. You'll find more information by clicking on the tabs on this page, including the "Links" tab, to find my other pages on the web. Enjoy the day!

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