Click on the map to see the Finger Lakes in the center of the New York State.

Where are You From?

I live in the scenic Southern Finger Lakes Region of New York State. The area is known for its beautiful gorges, waterfalls, and vineyards that grace the hillsides along the lakes.

I'm a lifetime New Yorker - upstate! I love living in the Northeastern United States, where we experience all 4 seasons to the fullest. I also like that, living here, I'm only about a morning's drive from several major American and Canadian cities.

What Do You Do?

I write -- books, articles, essays, and other things. Truthfully, I work a lot.

What is Your Background?

I have a Ph.D. in English Literature and Creative Writing. I've received several research fellowships for my non-fiction books and have been credentialed by professional racing series Formula 1 and NASCAR, and historic/vintage entities such as SVRA in the U.S. and the Goodwood Estate in the U.K. to attend and write about their events.

Oh, my other background? I'm proud to be of mostly Irish heritage with a bit of Welsh and Native American (Seneca) mixed in. Through my maternal line, I'm only 2nd generation American, which is kinda cool!

Creative Writing Question: Rock, River, Tree?

Love trees, though I tend not to hug them. Strangely, I've seemed to always live in towns that are bisected by rivers.

Where Would You Visit Again in a Heartbeat?

I've been there more than once, but I go back to Ireland any time I have the chance. Strangely, it feels like home (maybe because my grandmother was from there!).

Domestically? Cape Cod.

Favorite Causes?

Habitat for Humanity and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital are among the organizations I have supported. I hope you have a favorite cause and do all you can. There is so much need out there.

Favorite Color?

Blue; true blue, always. A little playful purple or lilac, sometimes, too!

Favorite Animal?

Koala. (They are NOT bears, you know!).

Favorite Movie?

THE WIZARD OF OZ starring Judy Garland.

A BEAUTIFUL MIND directed by Ron Howard.

(notice any pattern there?)

Favorite Actor?

Tom Hanks, both on-screen and off.

Favorite Musical Group?

The Beatles -- yeh; yeh....

Favorite Book?

Never ask a writer that question!

Pet Peeves?

1.) Christmas decorations (or any holiday, for that matter) left up outside people's houses long after the holiday is over!

2.) When people ask where you're from, and you say, "New York," and they *always* think you mean New York City! When that happens, you might catch me responding, "No; the *other* New York" or maybe, "The bigger New York!"

What Have You Written?

You can see a fair listing of my publications if you click on the "Bibliography" tab. Too many online articles to list, though -- in the thousands now, believe it or not!

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