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Front Range Realty, along with it finance affliates, Colorado Western Mortgage Corporation and BMIC, have been involved in the development, finance and disposition of real estate since 1990. In that time, we have served thousands of Colorado customers. Front Range is a full service real estate firm, providing professional services to buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions spanning all price ranges and property types.

Bob Emrick, a University of Colorado graduate has made Boulder his home for more than 38 years. As principal in CWMC, BMIC and Front Range, he has been involved in hundreds of successful real estate transactions. As a builder, lender and realtor, he brings a unique perspective about what it takes to bring a real estate transaction to a successful conclusion for all parties.

Bob has lived in the mountains west of Boulder for over thirty years. Bob is very active in the mountain community, being a firefighter, emergency medical responder and chief training officer for the Sugarloaf Fire Protection District. When the fire season does come around, Bob finds himself involved in incident command, wildland firefighting and disaster relief on major fires throughout Colorado.

Bob can assist you in a number of real estate capacities:

Residential Single Family

Condominiums, Townhomes and Mixed Use

Multi–family and Commercial 

Vacant Land 

Commercial Finance

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"   Thank you so much for making it a smooth transaction for my wife and I. We always knew short sales were time consuming but it was worth the wait and after living in this neighborhood for a few days now, we know that we ended up with a good deal and so wanted to drop a line. We appreciate the extra hard work you put into this deal for us. Sorry for we were impatient at times but we want you to know that we are happy in our house and could not be more grateful to have had you as our Realtor®. I am looking for some investment opportunities this year so hoping we'll do business again. "

Justin Blais 
Boulder, CO

" I own five rental properties in the Denver area. I travel frequently, so it is very important that I have a property manager who I can not only trust but who is looking out for my best interests. For many years I had a large, well known PM company managing my properties, and as time went on I discovered that they were doing a horrible job taking care of me and my properties. I found Front Range Management and I transferred all of my properties into their care. Since  then they have done a fantastic job of getting the properties properly maintained (the previous company had charged me for maintenance but either didn't do the work or did it very poorly), establishing a dialogue with the tenants (who are thrilled to have someone who is listening to them), and  keeping me informed on the status of my properties. Bob Emrick at Front Range has an excellent network of maintenance people and he gets things done on time and for a very fair price. In fact, recently a tree fell on one of my properties and damaged it severely. Fortunately no one was injured, but the repairs were  major. Bob quickly took care of everything and soon the property will be repaired and habitable again. Bob is dedicated and hard working, he is  always available, and he is very pleasant and easy to work with. I am very grateful for his service.

Jay Wolf
Boulder, CO

"  I met Bob when I rented the current apartment I live in, and chose to work with him when I purchased a condo in Boulder last month. He was a great resource to have through my first purchase, both as a guide through my first home purchase experience and a good shoulder to lean on when I was stressed during the process. He was spot on in nearly all of the recommendations he made during our multiple-offer situation on the property, which we got. He's also a great communicator and goes the extra mile for his client. I would highly recommend him .   "

Mark Messina 
Boulder, CO

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